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In the heart of Ireland certain families have continued the age old process of producing high quality textile products in natural fibres.  Using the traditional methods passed on by their forefathers, clothing, knitwear, and accessories are still produced using the finest quality noble fibers such as Linen, wool, merinos lambswool, cashmire, alpaca and mohairs.  The goods issued from this human sized system of production are, of course limited and getting rarer as the years go by.  Since 1989 for the twenty years before that which I passed in the distribution and marketing of Irish products around the world the volume of such specialist producers has diminished. The knowladge of these people is irreplaceable.  Instead we have 'mass produced, cheep and cheeerful'  throw away products either out of fashion or formless by the time each season is over. 

Chapeau irlandais

As a result of demand we have gone on the Web to service the clients who still want durable hand made and finished products and cannot find them or have not the time necessary to search endlessly amid the desert or jungle of  the High streets or shopping malls selling the same uniform products available in every city world wide. 

Veste Tweed Irlandaise

Let us bring you to Ireland and to another time where robust and generously coloured tweeds are still used to produce woolen plaids, Irish woolens or as they are know in some parts of the world, aran sweaters and pullovers, tweed ties, woolen socks, jackets and waistcoats, where mohairs of fantastic colours are woven into scarfs, shawls and plaids as well as berets, bonnets and toquesCaps and hats in the finest tweeds as well as gloves and shirts.

Pull irlandais en laine

In the interest of our clients we have widened the offer in the shop and on the net by including products of great quality and originality from other source such as Scotland, England, Wales, as well as the USA and Austria.
Don't be surprised to find Vyella shirts, Stetson Hats and caps, Schneider of Salzberg lodens and impermiable raincoats and even panama hats from Ecuador. 
If you don't see what your after, please contact us and we will see what we can do.  Feel free to suggest the site to those of your friends who seek quality and origionality first and foremost. 
My mother used to say, "we are too poor to buy cheap goods", she was right!

Come and discover on Eric Duhan Online Shop the best of Ireland and things Irish:
Mohair plaids
, Irish caps and hats, shawls and scarves, Irish pullovers and sweaters in wool and other natural fibres, tweeds in jackets, coats and ties.

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