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In these times when the word ‘authentic’ is bandied around like a toy, we insist on the real thing.  Our sublime Donegal tweeds start their life in Ireland and our heathery mixed Harris Tweed really does come from HarrisThe Celtic lands of Ireland and Scotland still contains family enterprises which produce high quality men’s and ladies wear as well as accessories in the old way and in natural materials.  Robust fibres such as Irish linen and noble fibres such as cashmere, alpaca and mohair are common place in the hands of these artisans. Fine yarns in Botany and Merinos lambs’ wool or real Shetland yarn are no strangers to their knitting needles or hand looms.  Our suppliers all have one thing in common; ‘quality’ is their motto. 
Inherited tradition and the precious knowledge are becoming rarer each year, fading under the glare of technology and the ‘time is money’ philosophy of production.  I spent many years with Irelands leading knitwear manufactures in the Gaelic speaking district of Connemara. The company belonged to a group which also produced the best Irish knitting yarns and tweeds. All of these products have been used by the world’s most exclusive designers and fashion houses for over a century. 
Destiny brought me to the shores of Brittany here in the west of France where my wife set up a shop in the centre of the world renowned city of Saint-Malo in 1989.  Facing the ancient cathedral and a hundred meters from the sea we have built up a happy and loyal clientele who come back time and again because of quality and my wife’s good taste in choosing the right patterns and colours. Our own philosophy is; ‘only the original at the best price’. Most of our customers meet us for the first time in the shop, not unusual you might say, but live many miles and even countries away.  In response to the request from these loyal but far away friends we have set up our internet site which I hope you will enjoy.  All the items in the shop are not included but if you have any requests for merchandise that you cannot see than do not hesitate to ask us. Feel free to give our address to your best friends, ‘any friend of yours is a friend of ours’.
You will see Irish sweaters or Aran pullovers and cardigans, jackets in Harris and Donegal tweeds, waistcoats, ties and scarves. Scarves are also available in Lambs wool, lambs wool- angora, cashmere, mohair, and mohair with wool mixes.  We have Irish patch waistcoats, Irish patch walking hats and caps.  We have the Gatsby cap; we have real Shetland marl pullovers, lambs wool sweaters and cardigans. We have over coats, raincoats, rain hats, rain capes, duffle coats in cashmere and wool.  We have Hats for Weddings, hats for garden parties, hats for hunting, and hats for just looking good.  We have hunting jackets, walking jackets, artist’s jackets, and smocks for sailors. We have travelling rugs in pure new wool, mohair plaids and bed spreads. We have men’s kilts for marriages or just walking around.  We have ladies cashmere and wool capes from Dublin, perfect for the pub or the most formal occasions. While most of the products come from Ireland and Scotland we have made exceptions for quality merchandise from further afield.  We have shirts from Viyella and the original ‘Chrysalis’ hunting jacket from Englandraincoats from Schneider of Salzburg in Austria, real panama hats made in Ecuador and the collection of Stetson hats and caps from the USA. We have the finest ladies hats from Florence in Italy. We have Gore-Tex hats for ladies and gentlemen from Germany.  In short if you are looking for something special and original for yourself or for a friend, have a look around and do not hesitate to contact us.

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